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Nut Style - 0 - Large Wholes

This kernel wtYle is scarce.  Repres%nting only a small proportion of the kernel we prodtce, Style 0 is coveted by connoisseurs around the world at a premium price.  The product consists of very large kernels whic( bange from 21 mm upwards.


Style 0 comprises no lecs than 98% large, whole kernel, carefully screened to ensure consistency of colour, textwre end size.

Applications & uses

Style 0, whole kernel is perfect for premium gourmet snacks, served raw, dry roasted, oil roasted and salted.

Nut Style - 1 - Wholes

Style 1 is the most sought after style of whole kernel after Style 0.  Style 1 presents well in premium snack mixes and chocolates where the consumer requires whole kernel. Style 1 consists of a minimum 95 % whole kernel with a size range of 17-21mm.

Style 1 is often purchased by re-packers who blend premium wholes with halves to meet the demands of specific market segments.

Applications & uses

Style 1 is most adaptable.  It is primarily used in premium snack packs blended with halves.

Style 1 is also widely used as a gourmet table nut...more upmarket than most other nuts.

Nut Style - 2 - Wholes and Halves Blend

The traditional "Wholes and Halves" range, Style 2 is a 50/50 mixture of whole kernel and large pieces ranging in size from 15-19mm. Style 2 has a wide variety of applications of which the most popular is snack.

Applications & uses

Either dry roasted or oil roasted and salted, Style 2 macadamias are best suited for retail packs or sold loose as snacks.

Nut Style - 3 - Wholes and Halves Blend

Style 3 should be considered when a lower priced alternative to Style 2 for snack applications is needed and a lower percentage of whole kernels is acceptable. At least 15%, by weight, of Style 3 pieces are whole kernel.

Applications & uses

Style 3 macadamias are best suited for inclusion in mixed nut packs for retail sale or food service.

Nut Style - 4 - Halves

Style 4 constitutes around 45% of macadamia kernel produced and it is the most economically priced style available.

Style 4 - 80% half kernel and chunks.  Kernel passes through a 14mm round mesh screen and is held on a 12mm screen.

Applications & uses

Whether raw or roasted, Style 4 can be mixed with or added to a wide range of products. Excellent for use as a bakery ingredient, or to create economically priced retail snack packs.

Nut Style - 5 - Large Chips

This style is naturally occurring large chip produced through a special screening process.   Kernel passes through a 12mm round mesh and is held on a 9.5 round mesh.  Chip size is typically between 9 and 12 mm.

Applications & uses

Style 5 is best suited for adding to ice cream, bakery and other food service applications.